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Buying Intivar at Walmart

When women reach a certain age, they start having problems with their genitalia, which could affect their sex life. To combat this issue, many have sought various treatments including pharmaceutical drugs, vaginoplasty, and creams.

With the rise in popularity of Intivar, many are starting to be curious about the product. If you’re one of them, read on to know more about it.

What is Intivar?

Intivar is a female renewal gel that helps women bring back the feeling of pleasure when having sex, but it is not just a lubricant to temporarily combat vaginal dryness. This proven, easy-to-apply product gives its users the following benefits:

    • Instant cooling and tightening sensation that you will feel within minutes of applying Intivar, even when after using it for the first time;

    • Improved lubrication to combat the dryness and prevent pain during sex;

    • Restoration of vaginal elasticity caused by aging and reduced hormonal production;

    • Stimulated sexual responses;

    • Prevention of bacterial and fungal infection; and,

    • Enjoyment of sex and the ability to reach orgasms more often.

What makes up Intivar

In order to know how Intivar works, it is best to take it apart and examine its ingredients.

    • Mirofirm – responsible for tightening and firming the vaginal wall, easing dryness, improving natural lubrication, increasing blood flow, and renewing vaginal tissues;

    • Quercus infectoria (Oak) gall extract – responsible for tightening vaginal wall, and enhancing blood flow. This ingredient also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties;

    • Hamamelis virginiana (Witch hazel) – responsible for tightening the vaginal wall, increasing blood flow, and heightening feminine sensitivity. It also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties; and,

    • Panax (Korean) ginseng – Responsible for regulating blood flow to the genital area and enhacing female sexual arousal.

Intivar vs. other treatments

Before you came upon Intivar, you might already have considered other treatments to help combat your dry spell. Now that you found Intivar, however, you should know how it stands out compared to other forms of treatment:

    • Pharmaceutical based solutions – contain dangerous amounts of chemicals. Unless it is absolutely necessary, you should avoid using these products on your body. Those who use pharmaceutical creams can suffer from health problems later on. With Intivar, however, you don’t need to worry about such a thing.

    • Vaginal tightening surgery (vaginoplasty) – while this procedure is certainly effective, going under the knife is expensive, costing around $5,000 to $7,000. Plus, there is also the danger of side effects caused by the surgery such as damaged nerves or blood clots under the skin.

    • Vaginal exercises – while Kegel exercises are a trend these days, you will need discipline in doing them regularly and correctly so that they would work. Also, this method is useless for those who want to combat vaginal dryness or increase their sex drive.

    • Vaginal creams – There are various types of vaginal creams including Intivar. The other two are usually estrogen creams and lubricants. While lubricants do help prevent pain in your vagina while you’re having sex, it does not serve as a permanent solution to the dryness. Estrogen creams, meanwhile, are as effective as Intivar, but are not made from natural botanical sources.

Where to buy Intivar

While the product is available for online purchase via its official website, you can also buy Intivar at Walmart and other stores and pharmacies.

However, you should be careful when buying this product in other places as its popularity has resulted in the manufacture of fake Intivar products. If you are not buying online, consider buying Intivar at Walmart instead.

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